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There are at least a hundred ways to learn Structured Query Language (SQL), but many fail to make it easy to learn. The easiest way to learn SQL is to learn by doing. To help you learn by doing, we offer, for free, the YSQL Exercises: Learning Path. 

YSQL is a PostgreSQL compatible language for YugabyteDB, the most popular open-source distributed SQL database in the world.

Designed for beginners, this learning path consists of seven, self-paced mini-courses. The mini-courses cover a range of topics related to YSQL from simple commands, joins, dates, and case statements, to aggregations, window functions, and recursive queries. Each course offers task-based questions, complete with hints, solutions, and explanations. All questions use the same database schema of three related tables.

With no software to install and instant access to YugabyteDB Managed Shell within the course player, you can complete each exercise in less than 5 minutes, directly from your Chromium browser.

Learn by doing, the Yugabyte University way.

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Self-paced mini-courses

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YSQL Exercises

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