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As a PostgreSQL compatible API, Yugabyte Structured Query Language (YSQL) is an ideal API for cloud-native, geo-distributed, transactional applications.

This learning path starts with the basics of distributed SQL and YugabyteDB. It continues with the language fundamentals of YSQL including DDL, DML, and geo-distributed features such as table partitioning, tablespaces, row-level geo-partitioning. In various builder workshops, you’ll discover how to optimize and tune queries and build applications with frameworks such as Spring.

Successful completion of this learning path results in professional certification from Yugabyte University.

YugabyteDB YSQL for Developers

Future-Proof Apps begin with YSQL

This curated learning path for developers consists of self-paced courses, hands-on labs, related exams, and builder workshops. You'll start with the fundamentals. Then, you'll dive in to the YSQL language. You'll finish with builder workshops.

Master key concepts, terminology, and tools

Start with the fundamentals

Learn the basics of distributed SQL and YugabyteDB. Sign up for a YugabyteDB Managed sandbox cluster. Join our community of data practitioners.

Yugabyte Structured Query Language

Discover the language features of YSQL

Begin with the fundamentals of DDL and DML fundamentals. Explore YSQL’s compatibility with PostgreSQL. Scale for geo-distributed workloads with YSQL. Learn how to tune data models and improve query performance.

Build Always-On Applications

Builder Workshops

Designed for developers, our builder workshops demonstrate how to optimize queries and data models and build geo-distributed applications using popular frameworks such as Spring and developer-friendly APIs like Hasura.

YFTT: Yugabyte Friday Tech Talks

Continue the conversation

As a YSQL Developer, YFTT is a great way to continue learning about best practices, new features, and real-world uses cases. The YugabyteDB YSQL for Developers learning path includes YFTT videos and resources in a downloadable format.

Take your skills to the next level!

Our student champions endorse this learning path! Here's what they say:

Good program that covers it all

There's a ton to learn if you are new to YugabyteDB ad YSQL This path guided me from start to end., from fundamentals to workshops. I recommend it!

Bawornsit C

.NET Developer

Great way to learn YSQL and build cloud apps

These courses and workshops helped me to learn the YSQL language of and how to build cloud applications with YugabyteDB. Thank you!

Marian R

Cloud Architect

Fast and easy way to get up to speed

I needed to know how to build cloud applications that require transactional processing. These courses taught me how with YSQL.

Jessica R

Principal Engineer


What you'll need

  • Operating System
    macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 16.04+, or Windows+

  • Chromium web browser
    Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge

  • YugabyteDB Managed sandbox (free) cluster

  • YugabyteDB Community Slack account

  • Github account


Yugabyte Certified

When you complete all the courses and pass all the course exams in this learning path, Yugabyte University will recognize your outstanding achievement.

The successful completion of this learning path results in certification from Yugabyte University as a Yugabyte Certified YugabyteDB YSQL Developer Professional.

Easily add your certification to your LinkedIn profile and share the great news with your professional network. Your expertise matters!