What you'll learn

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

YugabyteDB Anywhere offers an alerting notification framework and built-in features that help protect against downtime. In this Day 2 operations course, you will learn how to configure alerts. You’ll also learn how you can use alert triggers to send email or integrate with third party tools such as Slack and PagerDuty. 


What you'll need

  • Operating System
    macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 16.04+, or Windows 11+

  • Chromium web browser
    Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge

  • YugabyteDB Managed sandbox cluster

  • YugabyteDB Community Slack account

Course agenda

Duration: 35 minutes

  1. 01
    • 👋 Welcome!

  2. 02
    • 🖥️ Overview of alerts and maintenance windows

    • 🖥️ Review the health check dashboard

    • 🖥️ Notification channels

    • 🖥️ Alert destinations

    • 🖥️ Create and configure alerts

    • 📝 Knowledge check

  3. 03
    • 📚 Additional resources

    • 🧰 Your YugabyteDB skill on LinkedIn

    • 🦶Next Steps

    • 🏆 Learning Path Tracker

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Anywhere Operations: Alerts

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The answers you seek

  • What is the cost?

    YugabyteDB University courses are FREE, so enroll today!

  • For this course, do I need to purchases a YugabyteDB software license?

    You do not need to purchase a YugabyteDB software license for this course. YugabyteDB is open source software.

    You can sign up for Yugabyte Cloud Free cluster without a credit card or payment method.

  • Sometimes I get stuck. How can I get help?

    If you get stuck, help is a literally a click away. In the Course Player header bar, select Discussions and post a question, concern, or even suggestion.

    We also have a #training channel on YugabyteDB Public Slack.