What you'll learn

Level: Intermediate

Modern transactional applications require a distributed SQL database that supports almost 50 years of SQL advancements. In this virtual training, you will learn more about the Data Definition Language features of Yugabyte SQL (YSQL), which is highly compatible with PostgreSQL. These YSQL language features include column constraints, indexes, views, expressions, operators, built-in functions, user-defined functions, and triggers. Additionally, this course will cover compatible extensions for YSQL.


Wanted: Developers and Architects

For folks who have previously achieved YugabyteDB certification, this course is ideal. You should be already familiar with YugabyteDB key concepts, terminology, and features. Additional experience with structured data, relational database systems, SQL, and Bash shell scripting is helpful.


What you'll need

  • Operating System
    macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 16.04+, or Windows +

  • Chromium web browser
    Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge

  • Third party tools
    DBeaver, pgadmin, andysqlsh

  • YugabyteDB Managed free cluster

  • YugabyteDB Community Slack account

Course agenda

Duration: 90 minutes

  1. 01
    • 👋 Welcome!

    • 📅 Course Calendar

    • 🍿 On-Demand Video

  2. 02
    • Introduction

    • Constraints

    • Functions, Expressions, and Operators

    • Indexes

    • Views

    • Triggers

    • Extensions

  3. 03
    • 🎤 Register for DSS 2023

    • 🧰 Your YugabyteDB Skill on LinkedIn

    • 🦶Next Steps

Proof of completion

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the cost?

    Yugabyte University courses are FREE, so enroll today!

  • For this course, do I need to purchases a YugabyteDB software license?

    For this course, do I need to purchases a YugabyteDB software license? You do not need to purchase a YugabyteDB software license for this course. YugabyteDB is open source software.

    You can sign up for YugabyteDB Managed free cluster without a credit card or payment method.

  • Do I need to sign up for a YugabyteDB Managed free cluster?

    Do I need to sign up for a YugabyteDB Managed free cluster? What an interesting idea!

    Most of our courses require a cluster, so an on-demand YugabyteDB Managed free cluster is a great option.

    If a course requires a YugabyteDB cluster, the course will provide two options:

    (1) a lab provides instructions for how to sign up for a YugabyteDB Managed free cluster, or...

    (2) an on-demand, lab environment that includes a YugabyteDB cluster.

  • What do I receive for completing this course?

    A big THANK YOU from the team at Yugabyte University!

    More importantly, you will receive a course completion email and completion page, both of which include a link to take the course exam, if applicable. When you pass the course exam, you will receive a digital certificate of course completion.

  • Will I be able to review this course?

    After completing this course, you will have the opportunity to review it!

    We highly value your feedback and suggestions. Your review and rating helps pay it forward for our future students.

  • Where can I find the Zoom meeting link?

    You will find the Zoom webinar details in the Course Player, in Welcome --> Zoom Details. This link becomes available 7 days before an event. In the table of contents, select this lesson and then select Start Zoom. That's it.